Planning The Perfect Dock

Understanding the marine industry and the multitude of different boat types is an important facet of coming up with an efficient dock design to care for your boats and give the family a great space to enjoy lake living. Members of our team grew up in the boat industry and all of the management team live and regularly use our beautiful lake, giving us extensive knowledge of what your boat storage and dock needs can be. Our reputation for delivering both beautiful and functional docks set us apart. Our team starts with the highest level of experience in design and the utilization of the highest quality materials available in marine construction. Our equipment capabilities are second to none and include drilling in of pilings in the toughest rock layered materials. Our docks and boathouses are delivered with pride and it shows in the significant differences in quality and durability. That's why we shine above the rest!
The first step in building a custom dock for you and your family is to get a good understanding of both current and future needs. We will take the time to listen so that we share your vision and work to make that vision come to life. Our promise to you is to deliver your custom dock using the highest quality handcrafted materials while implementing the best docking solutions possible. Our goal is to over deliver in both form and function with a balance between innovative design and first class aesthetics.

Experience Matters

Based on 37+ years of experience, we have developed a system that will help guide you through the dock building process. At the center of everything we do is ensuring that we customize your dock to your lifestyle now and in the future. Below are the steps that will guide you through the process.

The Process

Step 1: Site Visit & Design

Your entire property must be evaluated, exploring all factors that will affect the use of your dock including: water conditions, water depths, and much more. Then our expert team will design the perfect dock that will fit your needs!

2. Lakeside Lifestyle Assessment

Below are a few lifestyle choices that should be considered when planning for your dock:
• Boat Type
• Personal Water Crafts (PWC)
• Family Use
• Part-time Versus Full-Time Residence
• Recreation
• Entertaining
• Sun Versus Shade
• Timing
• Boat Cover Needs

3. Permitting
The dock permitting process can be overwhelming.
Alabama Power requires a permit if your dock is under power lines. Please review the link to the permit below.

4. Product Selection
There are many docking and lakefront options. Please refer to our "Products" and "Accessories" section for more information.

5. Dock Enhancements
Build your dock with dock enhancements such as: boat lifts, dock boxes, swim ladders, manual and automatic boat cover systems, and many more customization options that will make your dock perfect for your lifestyle.

6. Inspection
Once your custom dock has been completed, an inspection will be conducted to ensure that it meets your needs! 

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